UX & UI design and engineering

The web project begins with engineering and design of the interface. We are professionally engaged into studying the behavior of the target audience and take into account UX / UI features when developing. To make the product comfortable and well-done, our experienced and talented specialists carry out a full cycle of works on the engineering and the design of its interface.
  • research and analysis of target audience data;
  • information architecture development;
  • content strategy development;
  • interface development;
  • visual design and typography;
  • creation of interactive product prototype;
  • development of guidelines.

We did it for:

  • +20


Intaro is engaged into professional development of complex web projects using modern and certified technologies. The company also provides services for the maintenance and development of ready-made web systems.

Project management

We know for sure that the ultimate result always depends on the way it`s achieved. The experience and skills of our PMs and developers allow us to provide individual approach. We work taking into account specifics of the project and the business customer team, budgeting system and project timeframe. In order to achieve transparent and efficient development process alongside with the expected and successful result, we offer:

  • agile, scrum, waterfall approaches to the development process;
  • time & materials, fixed-price contracts.

Customer and server systems

We use a variety of working tools, approaches and technologies, combine them depending on the specifics of the projects and the tasks which need to be carried out.


  • adaptive layout;
  • JS (react, webpack);
  • using LESS и SASS preprocessors;
  • BEM methodology.


  • PHP, Python and Go languages;
  • 1C-Bitrix: Enterprise platform;
  • Symfony framework;

Intaro is one of the few companies in the market , which has competence “Large corporate implementation”, “1C-Bitrix” and the the first company in Russia, which passed Symfony-certification.

We often face tasks that require multithreading. Our specialists solve them successfully by means of Go language, which allows to:

  • make hundreds of thousands requests per second;
  • create online chats;
  • create tracking services of bulk mailings, when it is required to track the deliverability, open rate and click rate when having the mailing with several million letters;
  • monitor one hundred thousand people or more in online mode (it is used in the DaemonCollector technology developed by us).

Carrying out similar tasks by Python or PHP requires more resources.

Our team is trying to minimize trivial activities, errors and risks, reduce the development time and improve the quality and transparency of the code. We are able to implement changes in a project without any difficulties, as we use:

  • code documentation;
  • control system of git versions in development;
  • separation on dev/staging/production-servers;
  • continuous integration approach, due to the using Git, Redmine systems and autotests in Jenkins.

The concept of continuous integration reduces the development cycle and, as a result, time2market functionality, which is so important for the business customer.


Intaro company has a large experience in work with highload projects. To prepare the projects for highload, we are making the following:

  • designing a fault-tolerant and productive architecture;
  • carrying out projects in the cloud infrastructure (Amazon AWS, Azure) and on dedicated servers;
  • deploying failover clusters of storage based on Percona Server and PostgreSQL in master-slave and master-master modes;
  • setting up the monitoring and notification system on the project.


After the successful development of the project we help to protect, preserve, develop the product and implement:

  • project safety audit;
  • support 24/7;
  • monitoring the status of the project.

We did it for:

  • +80

Implementation of retailCRM

retailCRM is our own specialized e-commerce management system, which provides automation of order processing in one window, comprehensive analytics on business processes and integration with multiple services using API. Intaro performs comprehensive product implementation.

pre-project analytics with the detailed description of business processes

In order to understand the terms, work content and the cost of work properly, we are conducting a pre-project study: starting with gathering information on the current business processes of the company (instructions, process diagrams, structure, etc) and, if necessary, involving employees from customer's various departments that will work in retailCRM.

At the stage of the pre-project analytics, the project manager makes order processing schemes for all departments and the process of exchange between systems by means of ARIS, for example: warehouse system, site, retailCRM in the work of different departments, for example, call-center and corporate customers department.

Together with our technical specialist, we prepare a description of the data exchange traffic within the systems, where the exchange format, frequency/event, specification and etc. are noted.

The result of the pre-project study is the description of the functional requirements or the product requirements document, budget and implementation plan.

Implementation and setting up retailCRM

At this stage we individually build and simplify the work processes for each client, for example, we implement order processing by a robot without the participation of a manager, set up auto-reservation of goods in warehouses, taking into account the region and automatic creation of delivery requests for suppliers, if goods are not available; auto informers are tooltips for operators and etc.

All necessary integrations with services are set up in the process of implementation: delivery services, telephonies, cash desks, payment services, sms, e-mail and etc. via ready-made modules or API.

We set up customer segments by customized criteria for marketing mailings, use the mechanics of intellectual assistant Action Assistant to get repeated sales and work with orders.

We set up and connect the loyalty system, using the capabilities of retailCRM system or other services (Mindbox, SailPlay and etc.)


We use the principles of Continuous Integration (CI) in the process of project development. This allows to carry out the work duly, identify errors and efficiency problems before the implementation phase on production. Boxed and customized functionality of retailCRM is checked by autotests.

Preparation of the instruction and training of users by leading specialists

We prepare instructions and training program for users in the context of departments and activities in the process of implementation. The training is conducted in the agreed format: Skype, webinars, f2f and etc.

Technical support

We provide technical support services and consultations, connect additional services, make changes to business processes. We draw up a project development plan in consultation with the customer, for example, setting up the loyalty system, connecting new departments, writing modules for potentially used services and etc.

We did it for:

  • +50

Implementation of Bitrix24.Enterprise

Corporate portal Bitrix24 is a flexible customizable solution with wide range of tools for the organization of the company's work. Intaro realizes complex product implementation.

License and the implementation of Bitrix24. Enterprise

Only partners with the competence "Large corporate implementation" can implement Enterprise solutions.

Description and optimization of business processes

We carefully study and describe business processes of the organization participating in the implementation project and give an expert opinion on the possible optimization of the business process data.

Analyzing business processes, developing functional requirements

We transfer all logic of existing business processes to Bitrix24, developing and describing their functional requirements in advance.

Developing project's architecture

It is important to think through and develop the project's architecture carefully. This is the work of competent technical managers and specialists.

Setting up exchanges via API, integration gateway or computer bus

We set up various kinds of data exchanges between information systems within the whole chain. They are both periodic and operational and implemented by various methods and formats.

Integration of Bitrix24 with internal corporate systems (Sharepoint, Active Directory, SAP, Outlook, etc.)

We integrate almost with any third-party information systems having differences in labour intensity of implementation.

Implementation of digital signature into the electronic document management system of Bitrix24

If the company needs additional electronic signing of documents, we implement the digital signature in Bitrix24 system.

Development of documentation and work training in Bitrix24 for customer's staff.

When the project is completed, you get carefully developed documentation that includes the product requirements document, scripts and plan for emergency/full/not full recovery of system, instructions for the development of the system's functionality and user instructions. The training of employees is carried out either via Skype call or directly on the territory of the customer.

Functional tests

During the working process and upon completing the project, we conduct different tests:

  • testing according to customizable business processes;
  • testing for failure and recovery;
  • load and stress tests, efficiency tests;
  • security tests (delineation of visibility zones, access to system's blocks);
  • integration tests (identification of defects in interfaces and between the integrated components).


We integrate web applications with a wide range of internal and external systems at the customer's will, as well as provide technical support in all stages.

We carry out:

  • integration with ERP systems: 1C, SAP, MS Axapta, Navision, Avarda and others;
  • integration with Sharepoint;
  • implementation of Single Sign On and Active Directory;
  • setting up exchanges by API, integration gateway or сomputer bus;
  • developing project's architecture;
  • customer's teams management observing internal systems;
  • training of the customer's personnel to work with the implemented systems;
  • description and optimization of business processes.

We did it for:

  • +50

Server Administration

We offer setting up, maintenance and remote administration services for servers running on Windows operating systems (2003, 2008), Linux: FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, ALTLinux, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora, etc. * nix. We monitor, analyze and prepare projects for highload. We work promptly and accurately.


  • efficiency and security audit of server environment setting of projects;
  • analysis of bottlenecks, code execution profiling and its optimization together with development department. It helps using the servers optimally and reducing its rent cost;
  • classification of tasks and processes in work;
  • Sizing. Efficiency audit of servers using.

Engineering and operation

  • engineering and commissioning of highly loaded and fault-tolerant systems for web-projects;
  • carrying out a complex of works on setting the project server environment with efficiency and availability problems;
  • implementation of solutions to protect against network attacks on client servers;
  • protection of access to client server through open communication channels (VPN).


  • 24/7 monitoring of client servers by a large number of metrics with notification of problems to the administrator on duty;
  • weekly audit of client servers, checking the backups status, trend analysis of basic metrics, analysis of log files for unauthorized access;
  • timely response to incidents related to security infraction or unauthorized access.

Processes automation

  • backup making;
  • static content processing (graphics optimization, js and css minification). In a complex it reduces pages rendering time in browser;
  • automation of interaction between different information systems.

We did it for:

  • +10


Testing is as important as the development stage, especially when it comes to a large project, where the length of the code is estimated in hundreds of thousands lines. It is important not only to check the new functionality, but also not to destroy the existing one, when implementing. With well-established process of testing, the terms and the budget of the project are reduced in several times and the update of the systems is done smoothly. Intaro specialists have an extensive experience in conducting complex testing the projects using a wide range of techniques, tools and optimizing tests.

We offer:

  • functional testing of web-applications according to the test plan developed in advance (schedule, checklist, scripts);
  • stress Testing;
  • cross-browser testing;
  • writing and implementing autotests;
  • security testing;
  • UI testing;
  • integration testing.

We did it for:

  • +10


Our team provides analytics and consulting services for the current e-commerce business or omnichannel strategy of a project, when launching a new activity or a business model. The company has a unique knowledge of the market, so that its realization of such a product as retailCRM is yet another proof of that.

Go-to-market strategy (GTM)

  • Strategic planning;
  • Identification of the target audience and its analysis;
  • Analysis of competitors and the current model of online sales;
  • Value proposition development and establishment of a differentiated position from substitutes and alternatives;
  • Concept of e-commerce business development;
  • Implementation of e-commerce business into the current sales model for transition to omnichannel strategy.

Business modelling and project documentation

  • Organizational structure development;
  • Business processes development;
  • Development or optimization of a loyalty program;
  • IT architecture in the context of the already existing infrastructure;
  • Functional and technical requirements;
  • Integration flows map.

KPI development and selection of a team for implementation

  • KPI measurement of launching e-commerce business;
  • KPI measurement of the key e-commerce processes;
  • Preparation of tender documentation;
  • Selection of the implementation team according to the specified criteria;
  • Interviewing the technical specialists for implementation.